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MicheleWahlder.com - "Certified Life Coaching by Michele Wahlder, MS, LPC, PCC, Life & Career Coach located in Dallas, Texas"

Michele Wahlder is a professional life coach, psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, speaker and newspaper columnist. She delights in enhancing people' overall of life satisfaction and fulfillment. Michele's warm, friendly and upbeat style combined with her uncommon depth and genuineness help her in establishing an immediate rapport with her audience. As she shares her contagious enthusiasm and spirited personal journey, you can't help but feeling energized and encouraged to make positive changes in your own life!

Through inspirational seminars and speeches, Michele provides her audiences with fresh perspectives and dynamic strategies designed to help them expand their possibilities and move forward into living the life they desire.  She speaks on a variety of topics, locally in Dallas, Texas, and around the country. Speaking topics include, but are not limited to:


Reducing Stress & Reaching Your Goals - Did you realize how you deal with stress makes a huge difference in your job performance, your relationships and your overall happiness? All of us experience moments in life when unpleasant emotions intensify-and that is normal. It is what we do with them that can lead to problems-at work and at home. This innovative seminar will teach you an easy and methodical process for reducing unwanted stress and tension, while achieving your goals and dreams. You will learn tools and strategies that will improve your overall sense of well-being, your career satisfaction and your relationships. If you would like to reap the rewards of reducing stress and making all aspects of your life more fulfilling and enjoyable, you will not want to miss this powerful workshop.

Cultivating Enthusiasm & Maintaining Motivation - How many of us have ever started a diet or a fitness program, totally motivated and excited just to wonder why in just a few weeks we have lost all the momentum we started with? In order to sustain motivation once you have set a goal you need to maintain it, but how? Motivation is an integral part of your personal and business success formula and, therefore, being able to create and maintain motivation is an invaluable skill that we all need to develop. In this energizing seminar, you will learn common myths about motivation and techniques to amp-up and maintain your enthusiasm, long after your initial commitment to your goals fades.

The Power of "NO"...Say "YES" Yourself! - Hang up your halo and live a life that reflects what YOU truly want, not what others think you should do, be or feel. As a result of a lifetime of "good girl" conditioning, we often find it difficult to say "NO". We end up over committed, doing things we don't enjoy and spending precious time in unfulfilling relationships and activities. Learn new techniques for asserting your right to say "NO" and experience the liberating and dramatic results of defining your own boundaries, while recapturing your personal sense of freedom and unlimited life possibilities.

The 5 C's of Making Energizing Life Changes...that last! -  Have you been feeling lost in the fog of "to do" lists and lost sight of what's really important to you? When we don't have a clear vision of what we really want and a plan to get there, we end up feeling over committed, unmotivated and stressed out about the small stuff. In this interactive workshop you focus your attention on what YOU truly want. You will be introduced to the mobilizing power of the 5 C approach, designed to give you the direction, motivation, and inspiration you need to make energizing life changes and realize your highest vision of yourself!

From Surviving to Thriving...Get ready to thrive! - Many of us wonder how we can move forward in a meaningful way after a transformational experience with a major illness, such as cancer. We strive to turn a time of uncertainty into an opportunity for positive life change and personal growth. Together, we will integrate your newfound experiences and wisdom into an up-to-date program designed to help you reclaim your personal power and live a rewarding, purposeful, and passionate life.

Embracing YOUR New Life...the 5 C's of moving on after a divorce! - In the transitional time after a divorce, many of us feel unsure of what direction our lives will take and how to navigate our new course. We may feel shaky about our identity and need to give ourselves the gift of rediscovering and reevaluating who we are now, post-divorce, and what is really most important to us. When we don't have a clear vision of what we really want and a plan to get there, we end up being consumed by our past, lost in grief and regrets, and anxious about an uncertain future. In this interactive workshop you focus your attention on what YOU truly want out of life. You will be introduced to the mobilizing power of the 5 C approach, designed to give you the direction, motivation, and inspiration you need to make energizing life changes and realize your highest vision of yourself. Get ready to take action steps toward embracing your new life!

Preparing for Love - Ready, Set, Go! - None of us have pat formulas or can promise how to get to that "match made in heaven" however, one thing is certain, our ability to know and love ourselves is a relational cornerstone. In this 4 part workshop series, you will explore your current situation, develop compelling goals, and take energizing action steps to get more of what you want in life and love! Most of us want fulfilling, honest relationships, why not start by getting outrageously delighted by the authentic relationship you create with you!

The Graceful Decline - Tongue Tied? If you have ever found yourself avoiding e-mails, telephone calls, and even certain locations because you did not have the magical "right" words to say "NO" to a potential suitor or past date, this workshop is for you! Dating is a process of making choices about who we want to go out with and spend time with and.who we don't. You will gain valuable tools and techniques to support you elegantly speaking up and reclaiming your precious time, energy, and power.

Finding Life's Treasures - Even during challenging times we have the choice of how we respond and the attitude we hold. During this program you will cultivate your ability to graciously and joyously navigate through the adventure of life with gratitude, courage, and self-respect.

Please contact Michele at 214-823-LIFE (5433) or michele@michelewahlder.com for more information on fee schedules, programs, and topics for your group's specific needs and area of interest.


Partial List of Speaking Engagements

P.E.A.R.L. Girls
International Women's Association of Dallas
Spark Women's Association
Gilda's Club of North Texas
Plano Medical Center
Dallas Medical City
Girl's Incorporated
Midwifery Association of Dallas
Jewish Family Services
Visions Women's Expo Keynote Speaker
Mother's Together of Plano

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