Three E Process of Career Change™


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Three E Process of Career Change™

By Michele Wahlder, MS, LPC, PCC
Life, Career & Wellness Coach


  1. Complete my Career Checkup Workbook™:
    a) Bring awareness and clarity to what you need in order to be happy in your career. Areas include: work environment, work relationships, work content and core work values.
    b) Utilize this information as a vital part of your personal career blueprint and foundational values vital for your career fulfillment.
    c) Provide yourself with this crucial template that is needed to evaluate career options in the next phase of our process. 
  2. Strengths & Talents Assessment:
    a) Discover your unique top 5 natural talents.
    b) Maximize these talents through a variety of processes and tools designed to optimize your strengths in your career, life and relationships.
    c) Develop a “competitive edge statement” that expresses your unique personal and professional winning combination.
  3. Interests & Dream Career Inventory:
    a) Utilize these interest areas and dream job criteria to identify and pursue a career that you love.
    b) Understand the common “golden thread” that runs through your interests and dreams.
    c) Identify sustainable career aspirations that will lead to a fulfilling career.


  1. Job Matching
    a) Assess all of the information we have attained from your career checkup, work values, strengths assessment and interests inventory.
    b) Compare and contrast your results with potential careers options.
    c) Participate in “on the road” real-time career evaluations through: job shadowing, internships, web-research and informational interviews. 
    d) Narrow down to your best match of 1 – 3 top career choices. 
    e) If you still need more information, I will have you complete one of several additional comprehensive career assessments


  1. Congratulations! You have now narrowed it down to 1 career area! This is your top career option. In the execution phase you will:  
    a) Gather additional industry data and discover opportunities within this career field.
    b) Hone your resume for your career field or begin building the foundational components of the new business you are building.
    c) Draw from your connections, professional organizations and educational organizations to further your integration into your new field.

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