I offer a number of inspirational products to help you take the next steps in your life, career, and relationships.

Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude
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Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude

Alphatudes shares the practical, yet remarkable, secrets of embracing a grateful, positive outlook and approaching life’s little challenges with grace, gratitude and hope. Resplendent with breathtaking illustrations, heartfelt prayers, uplifting affirmations and quotes, Alphatudes takes you on an extraordinary 26-step journey grounded in spiritual principles and universal human concepts. 

“The vibrant images, heartfelt prayers, and uplifting affirmations in this gorgeous book have really helped everyone I have gifted it to. Easy to read and perfect for anyone who needs a boost of encouragement.”
-Roz Katz

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“I have found this to be my perfect go-to-gift book. It is easy to turn to any page for the dose of healing inspiration and loving comfort that we all need at times. The free song download, Grace and Gratitude, by Olivia Newton-John is a beautiful bonus.”

- Emily A.

Gratitude Topic Cards™
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Gratitude Topic Cards

I wanted to make a fun, uplifting and heart-warming way to connect with each other, a card game that all could play whether they were 8 or 80! Whether you play these cards around a dining room table or outside while enjoying nature, please turn off your electronics and devote 10–15 minutes focused and ready to learn about each other and yourself.  My hope is that you will find that the joy you were looking for was right in front of you all along.

“Our entire family could play, even my small children were able to name things they were grateful for using the alphabet of gratitude; while the adults had the option of answering thought-provoking, gratefulness-oriented topic questions. I love these beautiful gratitude cards!”
–Galite Hyams

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“Fabulous conversation starter! These positive-focused cards are so needed in our negative world!”

- Becky Chevalier

Walking by Starlight

Walking by Starlight is an intimate collection of poems that offers inspiration and hope for anyone who has been touched by cancer. Michele Wahlder's poetry highlights the emotional, mental, and spiritual honesty of moving through an illness. Grounded in the resilience of the human spirit, these poems will nourish your heart and take you on a journey of healing.

“I experienced a roller coaster of emotions while reading these touching, moving and powerful poems. I wept, I rejoiced and I felt emboldened to inhabit my own life more fully, like never before.”
— Christine L.

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“As a cancer survivor, I found Michele Wahlder’s poems encouraging, heartfelt and inspiring. I felt as though my hand was being held along this, at times, very dark cancer journey. I no longer felt alone.”

- Lucy V.

Cancer Survivor Celebration Banner

Completing cancer treatment is an important step in the journey of every survivor - let them see your support and love with a celebratory banner!

The first version is an image large enough to be professionally printed. The second version contains a PDF version which easily can be printed from your home computer.

“The hospital certificates given out after completing cancer treatment are on a piece of generic paper with your name written in. It does not commemorate the HUGE accomplishment that going through treatment actually is. This bright, bold, celebratory banner does. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BANNER!"
- Richard D.


“When I came home overwhelmed after completing my last radiation treatment, I burst into joyful tears when I saw this gorgeous celebration banner hanging across the back door of our home. I felt that my family really “got” that this was like crossing the finish line after a marathon.”

- Sarah S.

Career Checkup Workbook
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Career Checkup Workbook

How often do we look – really look—at our jobs, in order to gauge whether or not our work is aligned with our work values? This easy workbook will give you the opportunity to do just that- while having fun along the way!

"I was feeling lost without a clear direction, and needed help formulating a plan to figure out which career best suited me. With Michele, I was able to develop a plan, stay on track and make intelligent career choices. I am now in a totally different career that I love!"
-Tanis K., Paralegal, Mother of Rescue Dogs


"Through the life coaching process I did with Michele, I found a job that really clicks for me and makes me happy. I felt like Michele listened to me, helped keep me stay on track and created accountability on my part."

- Holly Adams, Training Consultant

Mental Spring Cleaning Workbook

We don’t often make or take the time to stop and examine how we are speaking to ourselves and how that can affect our overall happiness and well-being. This easy workbook will give you the opportunity to do just that! You’ll also gain new tools you can apply immediately so that you can begin creating the life of your dreams.

"Through life coaching, I discovered a power that lies within me, and although I knew it was there, I now feel as though I can harness it more readily. Michele encouraged me to journey more fearlessly. She helped me find the poetry in my life. Thank you Michele for helping me find the serenity that was already in my heart."
- Liz Horowitz, Sales Executive, Divorce Support Group Leader, mother of two


"By being in Michele's enlightening, safe and comfortable presence, I cleared away the cobwebs and found a new view of myself. She helped me to express my wants and needs more readily and to be more grateful for each day. I tried new things that I had always said I wanted to do, but never did. I'm more open to life, my creativity and a more positive person."

- Jenise Bobo, Dance Instructor, mother of one