"Thanks to life coach Michele's guidance and encouragement, I have explored new avenues of inspiration and reached a place of peace with my career." 

-Alison Trinkle, American Diabetes Association

"Michele's work for Match.com as an employee development coach and consultant has been exceptional. She continually gets to the root cause of issues at hand, offers appropriate solutions and adapts her style to our unique needs in order to achieve results. She is a solid business partner." 
- Bryan Black, V.P., Global Human Resources, Match.com 

"Michele Wahlder is one of the top coaches in the country. She combines her academic background with real world experience to help her clients achieve great results. I think she's particularly good as a relationship coach. She's been a tremendous help to me." 
- Ed Rankin, President, Manera Group

Michele is AWESOME! She was extremely helpful in an uncertain point in my life, I knew I wanted to do something different and had some ideas but needed an ‘expert’ to guide me through the process of deciding which would be the best fit for me. Michele helped me understand my strengths & weaknesses and match them to realistic career choices. She also gave me numerous tips on how to ‘try out the career’ before deciding…I would highly recommend her to anyone who is contemplating a career change.
— Kim Ward

"Michele is an energetic and gifted presenter. Her lessons on self-esteem and self-appreciation really impacted our girls and made them feel great about themselves. After the session, the girls were still chanting, "I feel good...sooooo good! Thanks Michele!"
- Keisha Howard, Founder, P.E.A.R.L. Girls 

"I wouldn't have the top-notch business I have today, if Michele had not kept positively encouraging me to pursue the best and not settle. It may sound corny, but my wildest dreams have become my reality." 
- Becky Burpo, Owner, Allen Birthing Center


"I feel as though I have finally found my niche and Life & Career Coach Michele played such a large role in me getting here." 

-Christine Eme, Non-Profit Manager

"I was feeling lost without a clear direction, and needed help formulating a plan to figure out which career best suited me. With Michele Wahlder, a life coach based in Dallas, Texas, I was able to develop a plan, stay on track and make intelligent career choices. I am now in a totally different career that I love! Michele also taught me exercises and strategies for dealing with people in the work place which greatly reduced my stress level. Thank you for all of your help!" 
-Tanis K., Paralegal, mother of many rescue dogs 

"I was out of control with most aspects of my life and I really wanted to get some things together such as finances, health, parenting, home decoration. Through working with Dallas-based Life Coach Michele, I came to believe that I already have all kinds of capabilities to accomplish whatever I want and need. I figured out how to prioritize and start with small steps. Man, I think things have completely turned around. During my time with Michele, I started training for and finished a triathlon, lost over 30 pounds and implemented a budgeting system with my husband. I have become more patient with my children and have started actually doing the things I want to do, instead of just wanting to do them. I have started really liking myself and what I have to offer as a person."
-T.L., , Midwife, mother of two

Michele helped save me a lot of time by simplifying the decision making process and helping me quit the job I was in … and hated, very quickly. She is very good at pointing out issues in a completely non-threatening way that doesn’t upset you. She has helped me raise my standards to get what I REALLY want and not settle. She is an LPC, and I think this makes her more multi-faceted for coaching a variety of challenges. She is VERY good at her job, so much so, that I have her on retainer in case of emergencies. She backs up the claims offered on her website.
— Melissa Crowder

"Through the sorting process I did with Michele, I found a job that really clicks for me and makes me happy. I felt like Michele listened to me, helped keep me stay on track and created accountability on my part. I know I will be back to see her when I need to take my next career step. I hope my friends will go to her too, I think everyone could benefit from a Life and Career Coach at some point in their life. Thank you for working with me and steering me." 
- Holly Adams, Training Consultant

"Out of all of the people I have met on my life's journey, Michele by far, has helped me the most in the shortest length of time. I am ETERNALLY grateful for her light in my life." 
- Ruth T., CEO, Girls Inc., mother of 3


"Michele's unconditional support and guidance helped me to find my life's purpose. Now I feel the joy that comes from being truly inspired!" 

- John C. Price, Professional Writer & Actor

"The transition from being corporately employed to setting up my own business was a difficult one, and I needed support and advice. She then encouraged me to make my dreams a reality, which they now are! I have more than exceeded in achieving my personal and business goals - and faster and more smoothly than I would have ever expected. I now have more energy, a clear sense of direction, and a greater zest for life. I would describe Michele as my personal goal & dream fulfillment accelerator! I always feel loved, accepted, and optimistic in her presence!"
- Charmian Tardieu, Owner, Miles Further Brand Marketing, mother of one

"I was struggling with how to find a vocation where I felt like I was making a difference. Michele helped me to identify the key attributes that must exist in the right vocation for me to know that it is definitely the right fit for me. She acted as a sounding board as I navigated the possibilities and helped me to hold myself accountable. The life coaching process was awesome and I am now at peace with where my life is headed from a career standpoint. The benefit of coaching definitely exceeded the cost!"
- B.J. Fineman, Real Estate Broker & Ph.D. in Public Policy Student

Michele brings a vibrancy and honesty to her work of transformation that helps her clients achieve rapid and lasting results. I have benefited from her depth of experience and wisdom in corporate, counseling and life coaching settings. Most importantly, Michele walks her talk and her own life is a testimony to the growth and goal achievement she is able to facilitate for her clients.
— Sally King, Owner, Art Strategies - Fine Arts Consulting, grandmother

"My experience working with Dallas based Life Coach Michele was amazing! She has helped me focus on what's important to me in my life and cut through distractions that on my own, felt overwhelming. I experienced strong realizations about my future direction and developed practical steps toward this future. Michele's coaching style is very supportive and helpful. I am most appreciative for her guidance."
- Gayle Scribnick, Professional Mediator

"Michele has been a great asset to my personal development and to the building of my own coaching business. Through her expert questioning and insight, she has helped me develop personally and professionally. Her wonderful outlook on life helped sustain me as I investigated and built a successful life and business."
- Steve Miller, Professional Coach, father of two

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"With Michele's help, I have made great progress with my life goals - set boundaries with relationships, figured out my priorities, and stayed in tune with my truest self."

- Ashlee, Attorney and Real Estate Investor

"I was feeling totally lost. I was trying to chart a new course for my career and wanted to tie it to something I felt passionate about, but didn't know what that would be or how to do it. Michele gave me a different perspective and helped me as I discovered a path to my passions which I am now incorporating into a new business."
- Peggy Marshall-Mims, P.R. Consultant 

"I knew I needed a personal trainer to keep my body in shape, but it was not until I met Michele that I realized how much a coach could help me get my life and career into shape! Whether I met life coach Michele in-person at her Dallas, Texas office or by phone, she always gave me her fullest attention and focus, I felt like I was the only person on the planet. Her valuable support and guidance helped me to reach personal dreams that I had previously given up on. She helped me start and grow a successful business that I love. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life - thank you Michele!"
- Gregg Renda, Private Investigator/Entrepreneur

I was looking for meaningful career direction in my life. I felt like I was in a career that paid the bills, but was not fulfilling to me. Michele guided me in figuring out what was important to me and while helping me build confidence in listening to my own “inner voice”. I cannot express in mere words the way that my life has improved since beginning coaching, both personally and professionally. I began an entirely new phase of personal growth, built a business and found enlightenment that I don’t think would have happened without her.
— H.F., Franchise Owner, mother of one daughter

"Michele holds me accountable, holds my feet to the fire, and holds my hand when needed. With Michele's direction and my readiness, I now have more confidence, energy, creative ideas, and enthusiasm about life. Thanks, Michele. In my book, you are definitely one of the 5 people who made a difference in my life."
~ Mireya Mata, IT Consultant and Author 

"I am astounded by the healing and growth that took place this year; and I believe, more than anything that I have Michele to thank. I personally find Michele's combination of knowledge, experience and intuition to be an amazing source of support as I work to grow and succeed in different areas of my life. She always seems to put the right hat on at the right time. I have now reached my personal goals of increasing relational intimacy, developing deeper friendships, becoming more confident in my role as father, writing creatively, forming greater trust in God, and falling in love with me. Michele, you are a wonderful gift to me and to the world."
- Michael Bailey, Director, Non-Profit Group, Coach & Author


"I needed clarity from someone I could trust, someone who was competent and would work with me as I achieved my life goals. I found that in Michele, she's a gem of a human being and my personal cheerleader!"

- Lynda Haas, Director of Sales & Marketing

"Being a coach, I felt like I needed to be coached. The work I am doing by telephone in my relationship with Dallas based Life Coach, Michele is changing my life. By hearing my words reflected back to me through her voice and thinking about the questions she asks, I learn and take action every time we meet. The biggest benefits I received are clarity and confidence plus! Michele is a compassionate and competent coach."
- Nancy M., Professional Coach

"I wanted to break through my everyday life and find inspiration to grow beyond the known boundaries. In my business life I wanted to experience unparalleled success by creating a way to attract abundance. In my personal life I wanted to experience a successful relationship without fear. From Dallas Life Coach Michele, I have learned how to focus my energy for the higher good and how to create my best self each and every day. I have discovered a power that lies within me, and although I knew it was there, I now feel as though I can harness it more readily. I learned to embrace the power of now, to find serenity within myself, to fearlessly move forward in personal relationships and to bring abundance into my life by identifying and focusing on my intentions. Michele supported and encouraged me to journey more fearlessly. She helped me to find the poetry in my life. Michele, thank you for helping me find the serenity that was already in my heart."
~ Liz Horowitz, Sales Executive/Divorce Support Group Leader, mother of two

Thanks to Michele’s big heart and knowledge of people, I now have an exciting new profession that ushers in new joy and passion! Michele helped me make my life dreams a reality and reignite my desire to fulfill the passion of my life - to create a Health Center that has a synergistic approach of employing physical, emotional and spiritual health care to the public. Life Coach Michele was able to help me see my skills that would make this happen. She is very affirming and has a wonderful soul.
— Chuck Gilmer, Manager, Air Force Programs 

"I was anxious about my cancer diagnosis and wanting to talk intimately with someone who had been there before. Michele helped me use this experience as a growth opportunity. By being in Michele's enlightening, safe, and comfortable presence, I cleared away the cobwebs and found a new view of myself. When I think of my time with Michele, I think of sun colors - orange & yellow - and happiness, even though I was in a "twinkling gray" space. She helped me to express my wants/needs more readily and be more grateful for each day. I tried new things that I had always said I wanted to do, but never did. I'm just more open to life and my creativity, more active in my life and more positive."
- Jenise Bobo, Dance Instructor, mother of one

"The work that I did with Michele helped me identify the key areas of importance in my career and by knowing that I saved a lot of valuable time. By using her work values assessment as a filter, I was able to qualify opportunities before pursuing them." I routinely turned down opportunities that I knew wouldn't fit my criteria. I am now in a different career that I love! Again, thanks so much for your guidance and support!"
- Jeff Parsons, Sales Trainer and Mentor, father of two


"I definitely achieved career focus and also now have a positive outlook on the possibility of being in a relationship." 

-Paula Fontno, Financial Coach and Consultant

"I wanted to focus my energies towards achieving my potential, even during a personal time of uncertainty. Michele helped me to get in touch with my purpose, remove the day-to-day clutter and find the magic in my goals, beliefs, and dreams. Most importantly, she helped me celebrate my accomplishments which often went unnoticed by me. I have learned to trust my intuition and am now more confident in my decision making skills. I appreciate the effort, energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness Michele puts into each session. I find her guided meditations highly beneficial. The process helped me connect with places of comfort, excitement, and optimism within me. The guided meditation journeys were a bridge between my reality and my highest visions of my life, which I am now realizing."
- J.P., Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

"I felt unfulfilled and knew there was something I needed to do to be truly living and using my gifts, but I wasn't sure exactly how. Michele gave me clarity of vision and the motivation to reach my goals. She totally supported me and really listened to what I needed. Her enthusiasm encouraged me, and her belief in me helped me to believe and have confidence in myself. Going to school and becoming a life coach was truly my dream, and I now am just that!  She did such an excellent job, I wish I could keep her permanently."
- Winifred Fitzgerald, Spiritual Life Coach

Michele listens carefully and gives constructive guidance that is clear and easy to implement. She can be firm and straight forward in regards to accountability. Through working with her, I have improved my written and verbal communication skills, which bolstered my confidence, self-esteem and business relationships. We worked through old traumas and I am now able to guide myself safely and effectively through situations with out resorting to my old conditioned responses, and as a result, my relationships have improved. Michele guided me in launching my new business and I now have a clearer, more grounded and purposeful life direction. All of this delivered with compassion and loving-kindness!
— Sarah Lemos, Yoga Instructor, mother of one

"I decided to use Michele because she had actually made the transition that I wanted to make.  It was important to me that I talked to someone with the experience to back up the advice. Working with Life Coach and counselor Michele, helped make things clearer for me, gave me a more pointed direction and helped me get things done. She believed that I could make this dream happen and helped me set frequent goals to keep the things moving. Michele has strong communication skills and she not only has the experience to back up her advice, but she communicates it to you in the way you need to hear it.    I would definitely recommend Michele to anyone that needs direction at a time when they are thinking about or making big life or career decisions."
- Hans Dobbs, Land Appraiser & Photographer


"I was undecided, overwhelmed, and unsure of what direction to take in my life and career. Michele helped me find my own resourcefulness and path. She provided me with structure, focus and support I needed to find my way. I am now able to identify and prioritize the things that are important to me."

- R.L. , Anthropology Major

"I knew I wanted to make a change and that a part of me was also apprehensive about changing. She helped me navigate the process without letting my fears stop me from making a change for the better. I turned my fears and doubts into opportunities and learning experiences. She helped me understand the value of my natural talents and abilities, identify my values and make better decisions. I'm now much more aware of my strengths and able to celebrate them, like never before. I'm still aware of my weaknesses, but they no longer take center stage. The whole process was thought-provoking and full of AHA moments. Michele is a wonderful listener and a very calming presence. I found great value in her ability to turn any negative thoughts or comments I had "upside round". Her perspective and positivity are incredibly energizing!"
- Kathryn Gleason, Relationship & Event Planning Manager

When I initially talked with Michele, I felt she had incredibly positive energy. Through working with her, I finally made a huge and much needed step in my ability to love myself. I have defined and achieved my personal goals. I now have a happier marriage, better work relationships and more focus. Michele is empathetic and caring and I love her positive attitude. She finds the bright light in everything.
— Brandi R., Merchandise Analyst

"My career moves had been more reactive than pro-active in the past, this time I wanted to really get to what I truly wanted in my career. I felt Michele helped provide me with direction and strategic thinking. I benefited greatly from having her as a sounding board, especially since she had experience in large corporate, non-profit, human resources and management environments. The assessments provided me clarity in my thinking and choices. After 26 years with the same company, I made a significant career move. I now feel much more empowered to speak out on issues especially those in which words and actions are misaligned."
- DeAnna P., Bank Vice-President