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What is Life Coaching?
My life coaching process offers the powerful support needed to move into the future you truly desire. Working with a life coach helps you achieve personally meaningful results in many areas:

  • Career Planning & Transition
  • Life Purpose & Passion
  • Business Building
  • Dating & Relationships (couples coaching too!)
  • Motivation & Time Management
  • Overall Health & Self-Confidence
  • Spirituality & Creativity
  • Relaxation & Fun

We build on your natural strengths, encouraging you to stretch and take intelligent, meaningful risks. Life Coaching inspires you to become aligned with your values, goals, and vision. The synergy, commitment, and focus of the life coaching relationship helps you accelerate your progress and make strides you never thought possible. Plus, it is a lot more fun this way!

What makes a life coach who is also a psychotherapist such a powerful choice?
You get the benefit of a professional partner who combines masterful coaching skills with extensive background, knowledge, and experience in helping people recognize and work through their limiting fears, beliefs, and obstacles. As a certified life coach who is also a licensed psychotherapist, I offer a tremendous number of resources, methods, and tools to help you expand your possibilities, while breaking through any self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck. Should you desire in person life coach meetings, my beautiful Dallas, Texas office is centrally located in the Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic at Knox/Fitzhugh and Central Expressway. We can turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

What makes the life coaching partnership so effective?
In the coaching partnership, the focus is totally on you and what you want more of in your life. We build our positively focused relationship from a place of your wholeness. Our work together is based on the premise that everything is right about you - that there is nothing to fix. My fundamental belief is that you have all of your own natural resources and strengths inside of you. My role is to help you reconnect with your sources of personal power in order to expand more fully into the person you want to be and the life you desire to live - as defined by you today.

When you make a commitment by hiring me as your coach, you feel more focused and take your personal goals more seriously. You benefit from the energy of two people working together to create the life you envision.

Could you benefit from coaching?
Most definitely! I say this with genuine enthusiasm and excitement simply because the relationship I share with my own life coach has dramatically improved my quality of life. We all find ourselves at some point in our lives, forced by internal or external circumstances, to reevaluate our current circumstances and future direction. Coaching can provide you with the encouragement and support needed to sift through, sort out, and reprioritize your life.

How does the coaching process work?
We begin your journey with a two-part Personal Discovery and Planning Session designed to help you build clarity and awareness around what is most important to you and how to make that happen in your life. After this initial process, we hold ongoing weekly sessions to maintain momentum and produce the results you desire.

An integral part of our process is ensuring that you feel rooted and anchored in what is most important to you - your most deeply held values*. Once you have identified your values, we look at your goals, your chosen life activities, and your relationships, and assess how they are or are not supporting what you value most in life. We then proceed forward by designing and maintaining action plans that align with your values, vision, and goals.
  *Values are at the core of each of us, they define who we are, and how we move through the world. Our values are defined by no one but ourselves. When we are out of touch with or have forgotten our values, we may feel like something is missing in our life. We may feel purposeless, lost, or empty without really understanding why.

When we live grounded in our values, we are confident and resilient, focused and directed, energetic and relaxed. Values are both our anchor and our compass in our journey forward in life. Can you really afford not to be consciously connected to yours?

How much does coaching cost?
Depending on the number of sessions you choose rates vary from $200.00 - $500.00 per month. Typically clients receive 2 - 4, 30 - 45 minute sessions each month, along with the support system, tools, and guidance needed to stay focused, energized, and inspired in between sessions. For best results, I encourage a 3 month commitment and a minimum of 2 - 3 sessions each month.

  • Both telephone and/or in-person sessions available.
  • E-mail and phone support available between sessions.
  • All client materials included.

How long has coaching been a profession?
The coaching profession is almost 10 years old now.  We have over 10,000 coaches worldwide.

The International Coaching Federation has 177 local chapters in 31 countries.  Over 15 countries were represented at our last ICF Conference.

What makes coaching so effective?
Have you ever started a diet but didn't stay on the plan? Joined a gym and stopped going after the first month? Coaching inspires the natural motivation that is within you and helps you stay “on track” and actually accomplish your personal goals.

Who leads the sessions?
Except for the initial session that is pre-designed for your benefit, the client is the one who determines which topics or issues that they want to focus on. I send you a coach prep form which helps you clarify what is a priority for you in each session.

How long do I continue?
I encourage a three six month commitment. However, the time commitment is really up to you and we will customize it to fit your specific situation. You can continue for as long as you feel you are receiving value. Making changes takes time, coaching helps you to reinforce lasting changes as opposed to temporary fixes.

How is psychotherapy different than coaching?
"Psychotherapy is looking through the rearview mirror at life and coaching is looking through the front windshield," says Judy Rosemarin, who teaches coaching at New York University's Center for Career Education.








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